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6 time management apps that will help you be more productive

Time management is something we all need help with every once and a while, if not all the time. Luckily, there are ways to increase your time management skills to achieve your goals. However, no matter how finely you hone your time management skills, it would help if you still had tools to keep you on track for your daily meetings, appointments, and deadlines.

That’s where time management apps come into play. Some people like keeping track of everything on e-calendars such as Google Calendar or Outlook. Some do it the old-fashioned way with hand-written notes in a paper planner. Whatever your preference, one thing is for sure; very few of us can keep track of all of our daily tasks in our head.

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If you’re tech-savvy, or even if your not, developers have designed many excellent user-friendly time management apps designed for your smartphone, the web, or both. These apps aren’t just calendars. Although most have basic calendar features, many specialize in areas like task time tracking, distraction blocking, procrastination prevention, and more.

The features of these apps vary depending on your desired subscription level, which ranges from free/basic to premium, business, or enterprise. Without further ado, here are picks for the best time management apps on the market right now. While on their own, these six apps will help with your time management and be more productive; combined, they’ll boost you to maximum productivity status.

focus booster app

Focus Booster

If you’re a person who writes everything down in a planner and just needs some help focusing and completing tasks, Focus Booster can help. The app is designed around the Pomodoro Method of time blocking to help you become more productive and better manage your time. Focus Booster can be synced across devices and provides weekly productivity reports to see if you’re meeting your goals.

freedom app


As hard as we may try, some of us just need someone (or something) to turn the “parental controls” on and protect us from our own wandering minds. Freedom is an app that locks you out of all daily distractions like social media, shopping, games, and whatever else keeps you from being your most productive. A handy feature is that it synced across your devices, so you can’t sneak a quick Twitter scroll on your phone.

focus at will app


While you’re working efficiently and distraction-free, plug into some productivity-boosting tunes backed by science. Focus@Will provides scientifically crafted soundtracks proven to boost concentration while working in tandem with the Pomodoro Method. When you sign up, you take a quiz based on your personality and work habits to see what soundtrack is most suited for you; however, you can select whichever one you like best from their library. With Focus@Will, Focus Booster, and Freedom, your productivity levels will be through the roof!

calendar app


If you’re okay with staying on task but need something to organize your seemingly endless meeting invites from people on multiple platforms, Calendar does just that. Calendar syncs all your calendars for all-in-one access. Calendar analyzes where you spend your time the most on a more macro level. Through AI and machine learning, the app delivers a more personalized experience tailored to your needs. Calendar is also great for connecting to teams and seamlessly scheduling meetings.

todoist app


Perhaps you’re more of a to-do list person instead of tracking a calendar. In that case, Todoist, one of the highest-rated time management apps on the market, will be great for your needs. This task-driven app allows you to create subtasks, prioritize, collaborate, and delegate work among teams. It has a super user-friendly task board that is easy to manage on any device. It even offers a library of customizable templates for a vast array of projects to save you time. The free version of this app lacks many of the features of the paid version, but at $3 per month for pro and $5 for business, it won’t break the bank.

ntask app


For an all-inclusive time and team management app, nTask has it all for a super affordable price. There even is a scaled-down free version that will let you test out some basic features. This ultimate management software focuses on project, task, team, meeting, and risk management. The more premium options offer Gantt charts and Kanban boards.

When it comes to time management, staying organized and consistent is key. Any of these time management apps will help you do both of those things so you’re always on track with your business.

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