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Building roof pitch height

How to determine roof pitch

Here's what you need to know to determine roof pitch.
Roofer estimating

How to measure and estimate a roof like a pro

Hammer, nails, and glove on a roof

Roofing tools that are most important for repairs

Water stain from leaky roof

How to repair a leaky roof

Cleaning moss from a roof

How to remove moss from a roof

Roofer building roof with shingles

How to install roof shingles

Clapboard house with attached porch

How to attach a patio roof to an existing house

Pigeons flying off of a roof

How to keep pigeons off your roof

Roof truss system on new roof

The complete guide for building a roof truss

Home roof replacement

Best roofing shovels for easy shingle removal: Our 5 best picks

Close-up of solar shingles

Everything you need to know about solar roofing

Modern house with flat roof

The pros and cons of a flat-roof house

Roofer building roof with shingles

5 tips for hiring the right roofing contractor

Here are some tips on hiring the right roofing contractor.
House with a copper roof.

How long can you expect your roof to last before replacement?

Find out how long your current roof will last before you have to replace it.
Close up of a green roof

Green roof construction: What you need to know

Here's all you need to know about green roofing.
Insurance adjustor at work

How to get insurance to pay for a roof replacement

Learn how to use your home insurance to pay for a roof replacement.
Home roof replacement

How much does a roof replacement cost?

Find out how much a roof replacement costs and learn other details about roof replacements.
Rubber roof style

What is a rubber roof? Your ultimate guide to rubber roofing

Here's everything you need to know about rubber roofs.
Workers installing a metal roof

How to install metal roofing

Here's a how-to guide for metal roofing installation.
Man working on steep roof

How much does it cost to start a roofing business?

Here's a breakdown of what it will cost to start a roofing business.

How to start a construction-management business

Our step-by-step guide helps you to start your construction-management business.
Two men in a construction site

Hiring construction workers: 3 places you’re not looking

We list 3 places to hire construction workers you may not have considered yet.
Construction manager speaking with contractors

What is a construction manager?

Construction managers are important -- or are they? Here we discuss just what a construction manager is and why your company may need one.
White snow covering a rooftop

Should your roofing crew be installing shingles in cold weather?

Roofing in cold weather is dangerous sometimes. Here's how to know if your crew should be working in winter.