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The best dustpans with long handles for convenient sweeping

Just like short-handled dustpans, long-handled dustpans can come with a rubber lip that provides optimal contact with the floor and more control over debris pickup and disposal. They also can sport teeth designed to comb out dirt and debris from a broom’s bristles. Since they practically can do it all, these top-notch dustpans with long handles are very practical buys.

A dustpan with a long handle enables you to more comfortably hold a broom and dustpan, offering you greater control while sweeping. A long-handled dustpan is ideal for sweeping hardwood, vinyl, and other hard floors throughout a home. These intriguing dustpans with long handles are tailor-made for all kinds of sweeping duties.

TreeLen Dustpan and Broom

Best Overall

Why not upgrade to one of the best long-handled dustpans on the market, say one that’s 10 inches wide and has a 38.5-inch handle? That leading option is the TreeLen Dustpan and Broom. The steel handle on its lobby broom stretches to 52 inches, and the broom and dustpan snap together for stand-up storage. The dustpan locks in an open position to easily dispose of debris in a garbage can without spilling.

Quickie Debris Dustpan

Best Carrying Capacity

Big jobs require big equipment. When you often sweep up a lot of dirt and debris from your hard floors, you need a dustpan with a long handle and a lot of carrying capacity. That aptly describes the Quickie Debris Dustpan, a professional-grade tool with a 36-inch reinforced steel handle that can help clean up large messes at home, in the garden, or at a job site or warehouse. It features an ergonomically-designed grip and a pan that swivels up to 90 degrees.

Carlisle Dustpan & Lobby Broom Combo

Best Value

There is a long-handled dustpan available in a combo that’s high-performing yet low on price. The Carlisle Dustpan & Lobby Broom Combo is a solid buy, with a dustpan sporting a 36-inch handle and a lobby-style broom. The dustpan pivots for secure debris collection and provides hands-free emptying. Its vinyl-coated steel handle is designed for daily use in both residential and commercial environments.

Make sweeping easier to perform and easier on your back by getting a dustpan with a long handle. These well-made and well-performing dustpans — some of which are paired with a brush — come with very long and comfortable handles.

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