The best eraser wheels for tough to remove decals and stickers

If you’re looking to remove stickers or vinyl decals from your car or window, consider purchasing an eraser wheel. As long as you already own a drill in your tool belt, you can use one of these handy tools to buff away sticky substances. Be sure to always spot test your eraser wheel’s performance on a particular material before starting a large project.

Eraser wheels eliminate the need to utilize harsh chemicals just to take off adhesives. Unlike those volatile alternatives, eraser wheels leave minimal residue and are environmentally friendly. Their surface wears down over time, so they will eventually need to be replaced. Eraser wheels are generally safe for use on the delicate finish of a car. Let’s have a peek at a few of our favorite eraser wheels.

ABN Rubber Eraser Wheel

Best Overall

ABN’s Rubber Eraser Wheel is a relatively large, solid rubber drill attachment. It is 4 inches in diameter, making it larger than many other eraser wheels. This design makes the eraser wheel easy to manipulate. The ABN Rubber Eraser Wheel won’t scratch acrylic, enamel, or urethane coatings. It is compatible with drills up to 4000 RPM.

Whizzy Wheel Decal and Sticker Remover

Best for Car Vinyl

The unique shape of the Whizzy Wheel Decal and Sticker Remover is textured to allow for maximum buffering capacity. It can efficiently remove even cracked or sunbaked pinstriping and vinyl stickers. However, this eraser wheel is not suitable for plastic or painted aluminum surfaces. The Whizzy Wheel Decal and Sticker Remover is lightweight for ease of use, and it can eliminate persistent adhesives in seconds.

3M Stripe Off Wheel

Best Clean Erasing

The 3M Stripe Off Wheel is constructed of durable rubber. This big eraser wheel measures 4 inches in diameter. It is relatively narrow, at 5/8 of an inch, making it fantastic to use to perfect small details. 3M Stripe Off Wheels are sturdy and designed to last. Make note that unlike some other eraser wheels, this one does not feature a stop use line.

If you’re tired of a particular decoration on your car’s bumper or window, consider buying an eraser wheel. When affixed to a drill, these gadgets can quickly remove various items, including stickers and pinstriping.