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3 best laser pointers for presentations

Giving presentations to employees and clients can be one of the most important things you do at your place of business, so having the best laser pointer for the job is key. When selecting from among the top laser pointers, make sure you choose one that is easy to use and helps keep you focused on your presentation and your audience.

Individual with a laser pointer
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Showing emphasis with a laser pointer

The right laser pointer in a meeting with employees or clients allows you to get your point across.

An example of making a point and having it stand out is using your laser pointer on charts, tables, and slides. The goal is to make numbers or words you present mean something. So, if you’re displaying sales numbers in a chart for the year and you want to focus on a particular month, the laser pointer can highlight the specific section of the chart, allowing your audience to find it directly while following your presentation.

Which laser pointer should you choose?

In looking for the right laser pointer that you can count on to deliver, do a little homework. Make sure the product you’re considering is compatible with the device you’ll be using for presentations, such as a laser pointer for LED TVs.

You may also consider reaching out to laser pointer providers to see if they can come to your place of business and provide you with a free demonstration or do likewise online. This may help you in choosing the right one.

When reviewing the top laser pointers, there are three to pay special attention to. Let’s take a look.

1. DinoFire presentation clicker

One of the things that makes the DinoFire Presentation Clicker stand out is that its laser pointer is wireless.

No need to worry about plugging in yet another item or having to walk only so far with a cord. You also have an item that’s compatible with both Mac and Windows devices. This business tool also comes with a red or green laser pointer, giving you the choice of colors.

The item is reasonably priced and you can always upgrade should you feel the need to do so. You can use it at a distance of up to 100 feet from where you’re standing or sitting at the time of your presentation. This keeps you from having to be right on top of the screen or wall that’s displaying your presentation.

The laser can go an added 200 yards past the wireless range limit if you need it to. This provides you with 330 feet of depth to work with, which is helpful if you’re presenting in a bigger conference room or outdoors.

2. Kensington wireless presenter

Much like the DinoFire model, the Kensington Wireless Presenter allows you to work wirelessly and in unison with both Mac and PC devices.

You can roam up to 65 feet when doing a presentation that’s set on a wall or screen. The built-in red laser pointer provides clear projection, so you can zero in on highlighting charts, quotes, numbers, and more. There’s also a green pointer option should you want something other than the basic red. The presenter is small enough for you to store on in your pants or shirt pocket when not in use during a presentation or to tuck away in your laptop or carry bag during travel.

3. Logitech Professional Presenter R800

With the Logitech Professional Presenter R800, you get a device that provides you with a green laser, which may be a nice change from a red laser.

The Logitech laser works well with plasma and LCD displays. If you’re in a room that’s bright and you’re unable to shade the windows, this laser still gets the job done by highlighting key points of your presentation, even in a lighted space. And like the other two options, you also have the advantage of a wireless laser pointer.

Presenter talking to an audience
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Best laser pointers

These are the three best laser pointers for presentations for you to consider, and choosing the right one is important. Some meetings and presentations may go long, so be sure to use a quality laser pointer that keeps the attention of your audience. Having the right device helps you highlight certain parts of your presentation. This may help impress your audience and they may walk away feeling more knowledgeable about what they just witnessed and heard.

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