Dry-erase markers: Which last the longest?

There are many types of dry-erase markers to choose from. Whether you’re concerned with the marker tip, color, or best value, you need something that lasts. Many top brands advertise their markers last X amount of hours. These claims don’t always account for big teams or offices with shared supplies. You want to purchase the best supplies for your office, whether you co-work in a shared office space, work from home, or rent your own office space. Let’s dive into the different whiteboard markers so you can find one that lasts the longest.

Longest lasting: EXPO dry-erase markers

Without question, the top brand of dry-erase markers is EXPO. You can’t put “America’s #1 Brand” on your product unless it’s an industry fact. There are tons of reasons EXPO is the preferred brand for whiteboard pens in addition to being the longest-lasting dry-erase markers. Affordability is a huge plus, and you’ll find that with this brand. It offers a wide range of vivid colors to help you meet your creative or organizational needs. You’ll be able to write or draw however you prefer with a variety of marker tips to choose from. Aside from these markers lasting a while, they erase cleanly, leaving your whiteboard streak-free.

multicolored dry-erase EXPO brand markers

Best for art: Arteza dry-erase markers

If you’re less interested in affordability or a meets-all-needs type of whiteboard pens, you need Arteza markers. You’ll experience the best ink quality here with an established brand for many kinds of art supplies. Whether you’re drawing out detailed floor plans or decorating a storefront window, Arteza’s high pigment inks ensure drawing consistency. You’ll find more variety of colors than EXPO even offers. The brand guarantees customer satisfaction or you get your money back. It’s important to note the bold and clear ink flow may make some colors harder to wipe away, potentially leaving streaks on your whiteboard.

Most affordable: U Brands dry-erase markers

U Brands is a standard brand that creates a reliable, affordable product. Although it doesn’t last as long as EXPO and the ink payoff isn’t as great as Arteza markers, it has other benefits. Not all whiteboard pens are magnetic, but U Brands makes its markers with magnets. The company creates small and large-sized marker tips, and many of its markers come with dual tips. You get a smaller color range, but all of the most basic colors are available. The dual-tip design reduces space taken up on a whiteboard, leaving you more to write on.

Best-kept secret: BIC dry-erase markers

You may not know it, but BIC doesn’t just manufacture pens and pencils. It makes whiteboard markers, too! Like Arteza and EXPO, it offers more than your standard black dry-erase board markers. The bold colors come in a long-lasting ink nearly comparable to that of EXPO. Many of BIC’s markers come with a see-through ink portion, so you know when the ink’s running low. You’ll find these long-lasting dry-erase markers have low odor or no odor at all, and they write smoothly and easily. The only downside is the lack of variety in marker tips, as the company favors bullet tips over chisel or pen, which may increase writing difficulty.

Best black ink: Volcanics dry-erase markers

If you don’t need a ton of color or you rely on durable, basic black dry-erase markers, look no further than Volcanics. If you want markers that erase easily with tips that don’t fray, you need these markers. These are a less expensive option because they don’t last as long as other brands. Volcanics pens also lose their ink vibrancy over time. On the upside, the lower price means you can always stock up on more.

Uncapped dry-erase marker whiteboard eraser

Most sustainable: Pilot V Board Master dry-erase markers

If you’re not interested in producing more waste with your office supplies, consider sustainable V Board Master dry-erase markers from Pilot. You’ll find the refillable ink helps reduce plastic waste. The markers themselves are made from recycled materials, too. These Pilot whiteboard pens write smoothly, and the ergonomic handle means you can write for longer without getting possible hand cramps. The ink is less pigmented, and because sustainability is still on the rise, both the markers and refills are on the pricier side.

Picking out the best office supplies

Now that you know which dry-erase markers last the longest, you can make the best decision. You can also choose whiteboard pens based on your specific needs. Whether you work in education, engineering, or design, there’s a marker brand for you. Even if you’re not the office manager, you can still share helpful information like this to ensure the best office supplies for your workspace. If you work from home, consider yourself an informed consumer. If you co-work, don’t be afraid to see what works best for the other teams you work alongside.

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