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The best fine tip dry erase markers for writing on whiteboards

Fine-tip dry erase markers are ideal to use on most non-porous materials, such as whiteboards, porcelain, glass, and melamine. They are more advantageous than wet erase markers, which can contain water-soluble dyes intended for use on specific surfaces and requiring a damp cloth for removal rather than a whiteboard eraser. Take advantage of these top-notch fine-tip markers to ensure you’re using a prime dry erase option.

Fine-tip dry erase markers provide a tip designed to create thin and accurate lines. Many of these markers are produced from non-toxic materials, making them safe to use. They don’t emit any unpleasant odors, either. When you’re ready to snap up some well-performing and versatile fine-tip dry erase markers, check out these leading selections.

Volcanics Black Dry Erase Markers

Best Overall

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When you’re using a fine-tip dry erase marker, you don’t want a strong odor to make it an unpleasant experience. Volcanics Black Dry Erase Markers feature a low-odor formula as well as certified non-toxic ink. The leading low-odor option provides vivid colors that are visible even from long distances, making the markers ideal for class lectures or office meetings. The quick-drying and streak-free markers offer ink that won’t break a mark or leak and can be wiped off with a cloth.

BIC Intensity Advanced Dry Erase Marker

Best Color Variety

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Variety is the spice of life, so spruce up a presentation with a fine-tip dry erase marker that comes in a variety of bold colors. The BIC Intensity Advanced Dry Erase Marker offers 11 colors in a 12-count box. The low-odor markers are designed to erase easily and provide a smooth and consistent ink flow. Their fine bullet tip is engineered for precision and detail work on dry erase boards, glass, and most non-porous surfaces.

Expo Low-Odor Dry Erase Set

Best With Board Cleaner

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Be better prepared for your next presentation with fine-tip dry erase board markers that come with a whiteboard cleaner. The Expo Low-Odor Dry Erase Set is a reliable seven-piece set, including five fine-tip dry erase board markers in assorted colors, one whiteboard cleaner, and one eraser. The markers’ non-toxic ink is engineered to dry quickly, avoid smears, be visible from a long distance, and provide consistent color quality.

Conduct a great, easy-to-see presentation with a good fine-tip dry erase marker. These markers should be intriguing because they can be used practically anywhere you need, whether that’s at home, school, or work.

The best pink highlighters for note taking and retaining information
the best pink highlighters

Getting the right pink highlighter is an important thing when adding one to your collection. You can decide on a highlighter based on its thickness and pen tip such as a gel highlighter, which makes for different sizes and textures in marking. You can also decide if you want a highly fluorescent pink or go for a milder pastel shade that may fit something like a journal or planner. You can find pink highlighters in many forms to fit the different functionalities you have when notetaking.

Highlighting using different colors is a part of good note-taking and is a strategy that can be useful for retaining information. Pink is usually the color reserved to highlight an important, major point in a text. This is because pink looks like the color red, and things that are critical and important to watch out for are usually put in red because of how striking the color is. The color red itself would be a bad highlighter color because of the lack of contrast, so pink has become the default color for this notation. You definitely want to pick the right highlighter -- one that simply screams, “Pink me.”
Sharpie Pink Tank Highlighter
Best Overall

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The best gel highlighters for important documents
the best gel highlighters

A gel highlighter definitely feels different when one is using it when compared to a traditional ink highlighter. Rather than having a chiseled tip, you have blocks of gel with no medium in between to deliver the pigment. That means that you immediately know how much ink you have left versus an inked highlighter where a tip may look like it is still working, but you then come to find is actually dried out. The texture also feels like it glides across the paper with a thicker, waxier texture that can be pleasant to users.

Gel highlighters are usually made with a column of gel that contains the highlighting pigment. This gel formula prevents written ink from smearing, stops bleeds from one side of the page to the other, and can work on more surfaces than ink because of the gel bonding with more types of paper. Because it is a gel formula, that also means that there is no water nor alcohol to dry out the highlighter. Getting a gel highlighter will be a great addition to anyone’s stationery collection. These are the perfect gift to give to any teacher, writer, or artist in your life.
Mr. Pen Dry Highlighter Set
Best Overall

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The best breakroom garbage bags for your workplace
the best breakroom garbage bags kitchen

Breakroom trash bags are an everyday item that can surprisingly be leveled up. With a variety of specially reinforced and scented bags on the market, you are sure to find a type that you like. From scented to extra thick, the types of trash bags available for purchase are numerous but with the help of our list, you can identify a brand of a garbage bag that would work in your breakroom.

Garbage is usually thought of as not having too good of a smell. This doesn’t have to be the case, though. Even the diverse contents of your breakroom trash can have their scent masked with the right trash bag. Let’s have a look at a few of our favorite breakroom garbage bags below.
Glad Tall Trash Bags
Best Overall

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