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The best mechanical pencil eraser refills to keep marks away

The refillable nature of mechanical pencils helps to cut down on the waste associated with using standard pencils. Many mechanical pencils have both replaceable lead and erasers. Eraser refills eliminate the pesky problem of running out of eraser before running out of lead.

Mechanical pencil eraser refills come in a number of materials and shapes. When shopping for eraser refills, keep in mind the type of mechanical pencils you already own. Certain refills are uniquely compatible with specific pencils. Look over our list of favorite mechanical pencil eraser refills to find some that suit your needs.

Pentel Refill Erasers For Twist-Erase

Best Overall

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The Pentel Refill Erasers For Twist-Erase comes with 12 packs that have three eraser refills each. These eraser refills are white in color and allow for neat erasing of mistakes. Pentel’s Refill Erasers For Twist-Erase are latex-free. Each eraser measures 1.25 inches in length.

Paper Mate Lead and Eraser Refills

Best Colored Lead

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Paper Mate’s Lead and Eraser Refills includes multiple colors of lead refills in coordinating cases as well as three white eraser refills. In fact, there are a few sets of colored lead to choose from. The erasers are gentle on paper. This pack is perfect for people who are bored with the appearance of plain gray pencils. Plus, unlike pens, the lead that is included with these Paper Mate Lead and Eraser Refills can be erased.

Pentel Mechanical Pencil Eraser Refill

Best for Clean Erasing

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Provided in this set of Pentel Mechanical Pencil Eraser Refills are three tubes that hold four eraser refills each. The white erasers are enclosed in a metal casing. A big feature of this design is that the entire eraser cannot be used up. These erasers are latex-free, and they erase pencil markings completely and without leaving a mark.

Mechanical pencils are a modern alternative to traditional wooden pencils. When reused, they reduce the number of pencils thrown away. Be sure to invest in quality mechanical pencils that can be refilled with erasers and lead.

The best manual pencil sharpeners for when your writing utensil’s lead breaks
the best manual pencil sharpeners sharpener

Sharpening your pencils allows you to keep using them. It also allows you to keep the point of the pencil at your desired width. Sharpening often also helps you not damage the graphite itself and keeps your pencil from bad breakage. This means you want a durable and sharp blade, either as a wall mount or in your bag.

Another thing to consider is having a sharpener that can handle multiple types and sizes of pencils. You might be using a classic, yellow No. 2 pencil, or a more delicate and expensive colored one. So, you want to make sure your sharpener can handle whichever pencil you use.
X-ACTO Wall Mount Pencil Sharpener
Best Overall

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The best green highlighters for contrast
the best pink highlighters green highlighter

Green is an overall great color, and having a dependable green highlighter in hand will benefit you greatly. Green can also be a lucky color, and many have said that green usually helps with memory. When you read something in a green text, you are more likely to remember it because it maxes out the contrast between writing, and it can be remembered almost like an image rather than just a string of words put together haphazardly. Even though this has not been scientifically proven, some still use it because it is their good-luck charm. There’s nothing wrong with a little extra luck, so why not get yourself a green highlighter or two?

When looking at color theory and notetaking strategies, green highlights are usually reserved for terms or phrases that need to be remembered verbatim. Some also use the color green to denote that there is a concept that they are familiar with but need to review again before they are confident in explaining it. Green is a versatile color and because it is a cool color, it rests easier on your eyes. Highlighter greens still demand your attention, but because they are not as harsh, they can be more suited for terms and phrases that can be skimmed over during reviews. And if you're looking for other colors, we've also rounded up the best yellow and pink highlighters.
Avery Hi-Liter Green Highlighters
Best Overall

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The best pink highlighters for note taking and retaining information
the best pink highlighters

Getting the right pink highlighter is an important thing when adding one to your collection. You can decide on a highlighter based on its thickness and pen tip such as a gel highlighter, which makes for different sizes and textures in marking. You can also decide if you want a highly fluorescent pink or go for a milder pastel shade that may fit something like a journal or planner. You can find pink highlighters in many forms to fit the different functionalities you have when notetaking.

Highlighting using different colors is a part of good note-taking and is a strategy that can be useful for retaining information. Pink is usually the color reserved to highlight an important, major point in a text. This is because pink looks like the color red, and things that are critical and important to watch out for are usually put in red because of how striking the color is. The color red itself would be a bad highlighter color because of the lack of contrast, so pink has become the default color for this notation. You definitely want to pick the right highlighter -- one that simply screams, “Pink me.”
Sharpie Pink Tank Highlighter
Best Overall

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