The best rubber brooms for easily cleaning up hair, dirt, and other debris

Regular broom bristles fall apart and leave dirt behind even after you clean, making you sweep the same spot over and over. In comparison, rubber brooms have durable bristles that withstand years of use. To help you choose the best rubber broom for your work place, we’ve listed the very best choices here.

Rubber brooms are not only great for hardwood floors, but they’re also effective at cleaning tiles, concrete paths, and patio decks. One big advantage of rubber brooms is they often have removable brush heads that you can wash with soap and water.

By contrast, you need to pick out dirt from regular brush heads or bang them against your wall to shake out the dust. Now, you can say goodbye to such inconveniences. Let’s check out our top picks.

Evriholder FURemover

Best for Carpets

The Evriholder FURemover is the best option for pet owners who want to brush out fur from carpets, rugs, and hardwood floors. Its natural rubber bristles catch pet hair more efficiently than regular plastic brooms. Once you’re finished, you can wash the bristles with soap and water to rinse off leftover hair.

LandHope Push Broom 

Best Adjustable Handle

The LandHope rubber push broom features an adjustable handle that can extend from 31.5 inches to 54 inches. It’s great for indoor and outdoor use and will last much longer than a regular broom. The versatile brush can be used for swimming pool tiles, concrete garden paths, and ceramic bathroom floors.

MR.SIGA Soft Bristle Rubber Broom

Best With Washable Head

Mr. Siga’s Soft Bristle Rubber Broom is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. You can wash the broom between uses to keep it sanitary and extend its life. The soft bristles clean your floors gently while effectively trapping dirt, hair, and debris.

With a multi-purpose rubber broom, you can clean indoor and outdoor surfaces without cluttering your supply closet with numerous cleaning tools. Keep away pet hair, dust, or debris with this useful brush using rubber’s natural dirt-attracting quality. Pick any rubber broom from our list to help you keep up with life’s messes.

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